Blow-ups can be a major asset to have at any birthday party.  Whether you are planning a birthday party for a five-year old, a ten-year old, or a twenty-year old, people of all ages can really have a lot of fun with blow-ups.  There has been a great deal of innovation in terms of what blow-ups can do in recent years.  Blow-ups can be introduced for some spectacular activities that will suit just about any age group.  This could be everything from sports-related, to just allowing jumping, having fun with some jousting, making for a big slide, and so on.  

One of the issues that many homeowners have, though, when they are planning a birthday party is how should they get a blow-up?  Are they better off buying the blow-up themselves or going out and renting it from someone such as Celebration Party Rental in the Jacksonville, FL area?  This can be a pretty difficult decision as many often think that owning a blow-up is a great idea.  The reality, though, is that going the renting route can save you a lot of money not only in the short-term but also in the long-term.  Let’s take a closer look at why it just makes sense to rent a blow-up versus buying one outright.

Planning That Perfect Birthday Party

So what makes blow-ups so important for birthday parties?  It is all about the entertainment factor and making a birthday party as enjoyable as possible for everyone.  A birthday party is no fun if everyone i just standing around with nothing to do.  You need to be able to give kids or adults a chance to really express themselves and let loose a little bit.  This is precisely what a blow-up can allow them to do.  Whether it is a big slide or something that is going to spark their competitive nature, a blow-up can help plan the perfect birthday bash.

The major issue with blow-ups and party planning though are the costs associated with them.  Blow-ups are not cheap to buy outright.  This is why so many people are starting to go the route of actually renting the blow-ups.  A birthday party should be special, but it should also not be so extravagant that it completely breaks the bank.

Less Money to Be Spent Up-Front

Renting blow-ups just makes sense for the majority of people living in the Jacksonville, FL area.  Think about the birthday party as a whole and how long it is going to last.  Chances are the birthday party is not going to extend for more than four or five hours.  You really want the blow-up for the party, but how much can you afford from a budget perspective to get it there and all set up?

Purchasing a blow-up outright is going to cost a good amount of money.  When you rent, you are just paying for the blowup for a day or for a short period of time.  This allows you to enjoy all of the benefits and excitement of the blow-up for a fraction of the price of buying it on your own.

How Many Times Will You Really Use That Blow-Up?

So the birthday party comes to a close and you are sitting there with this big expensive blow-up that you purchased.  Now what are you going to do with it?  This is what makes renting a blow-up so appealing.  How many times, outside of that birthday party or another social gathering, are you going to go through the trouble to get the blow-up all set up and out there to be enjoyed?  Chances are that it is not going to happen all that often.  This makes renting that much more sensible as you are only paying for the blow-up for the period that you are actually going to be using it.

No Worries About Costs Associated with Maintenance and Repairs

One thing that is extremely appealing about renting a blow-up for our Jacksonville, FL birthday party is that you do not have to worry about maintenance and repairs of it.  When you own a blow-up, just like when you own a car, you have to deal with all of the problems that go along with it.  When you rent the blow-up, though, it is not your responsibility.  If you have issues with the blow-up, you simply call up the rental company and have them bring you a new one or do the repair for you.  This takes all of the stress of maintenance of the  blow-up out of your hands so that you can just enjoy it stress-free.

Eliminating Costs Associated With Storage of the Blow-Up

Owning a blow-up carries with it other ancillary costs outside of even the maintenance and repair costs.  What about something such as the costs associated with storage of the blowup or transpiration of it?  Do you plan on trying to bring the blow-up with you somewhere?  You are going to need something to help you transport it.  For storage, you may need a storage unit or extra space in a shed or garage that could carry a cost with it as well.  When you rent the blow-up, none of these costs exist.

Renting a blow-up is a great way to really add a layer of entertainment to a birthday party.  People of all ages are going to have a blast with the blow-up, no matter which variety you choose.  When planning out the birthday party, though, it makes far more sense to rent the blow-up versus buying it outright.  Renting is going to give you all of the benefits of the blow-up without having to worry about the big initial price tag, maintenance, repairs, or any of the other stresses.  You can just enjoy all that it brings to your birthday party and more.