We have all been to many Memorial Day gatherings.  When you think about all of these gatherings that you have been to over the years, though, they all seem fairly similar.  They all usually involve food and drink, which is always a bonus.  They typically are going to include grilling.  Depending on the house they may end up including a swimming pool.  Beyond that though they are usually all pretty much the same.  Now you have a house of your own and you are ready to try and make your Memorial Day gathering unique, something different that has not been seen before.  What are you to do as a homeowner?  Introducing inflatables can be a great way to spice things up and create some differentiation.

In order to show guests a quality time at a Memorial Day gathering you need to be different and think outside of the box.  Sure grilling and having plenty of cold drinks can help, as will music and that kind of stuff.  How long can people just sit around and talk though?  You need to give them activities that are going to be catered to all age groups.  This means getting the children up to play just as much as you would get the adults up to participate as well.  Let’s take a closer look at just how inflatables can have an impact on your Memorial Day party and the best way to incorporate them.

Analyze the Landscape of Inflatables

It is a good idea to start out by analyzing the landscape of inflatables that exist in the marketplace.  Locations such as Celebration Party Rental in the Jacksonville, FL area are going to give you access to a great deal of choices that you are going to be able to pick from.  There really are inflatables for everything.  When you are just looking for a bouncy house, want to incorporate some sports-themed type competition, or something entirely different, there is likely an inflatable to meet your appetite.

Analyzing the landscape of the inflatables can help you come up with a list of five or ten different options that you could potentially pick from.  Forming them on one list is going to then allow you to proceed to the next step so that you can figure out exactly which inflatable is going to work best for the crowd that you are having.

Ensure the Entertainment Caters to Your Guests

So now you have a list of inflatables that you think look really cool and could be a blast to mess around on for a few hours on a great Memorial Day.  The next step is to think about all of the guests that you are going to be having attending the gathering along with you.  You want the entertainment to be catered to the guests that are attending and not vice versa.  If you end up with an inflatable that is meant for older adults, but you predominately have your grandchildren coming over, this may not be the best idea.

Factor in all of the guests attending and start to work down the list of inflatable options, crossing out each one-by-one.  The goal here should be to get to two of three inflatables that could be perfect for your home and your Memorial Day gathering.

Check on Pricing and Availability

Renting inflatables versus buying them is a great money-saver.  You want to check on the pricing and the availability of these two of three inflatables that you have pinpointed as the perfect options for you.  As you would expect, Memorial Day rentals can be quite high so it is best to plan early and get ahead of the game.  You may be surprised, though, at just how much money you can save when you rent an inflatable over going to a big box retailer and trying to purchase it.

Set up the Time for the Installation of the Inflatable

Once you have secured the rental it is time to ensure that you are going to get the inflatable installed and ready to go for your Memorial Day gathering.  Professionals in the Jacksonville, FL area in terms of inflatables are going to be able to work with you to determine the best option that you have at your disposal in this area.  Be sure to set up your installation time well in advance of when your guests arrive.  This is to be sure that all of the entertainment is ready to go and you do not have to worry about things not being done timely.

The big advantage of renting inflatables is that the professionals are going to do all of the work for you.  They’ll be there on-time to set up what you have rented and ensure that it is working appropriately.  Should something ever go wrong they’ll also be there to help you rectify it.  Anyone who has ever thrown any type of gathering knows that it can get quite hectic as the party is going and unexpected things are always going to pop up one way or another.

Enjoy the Festivities

The last step is to simply enjoy the festivities.  You have picked out the inflatables that are going to set your Memorial Day gathering apart from the rest.  Now all you have to do is to take a step back and really take everything in in terms of what you have done and how much fun everyone is having.  Renting the inflatables is a low-stress option for you to let you enjoy your own party like you should.

Memorial Day gatherings are always an absolute blast whether you are hosting or going to one as a guest.  When you are starting to plan out your Memorial Day bash this year, think about how you can make it different and set it apart from the rest.  Renting inflatables in the Jacksonville, FL area may be just what your bash needs to really give it a fresh feel and give your guests a terrific time.