When you think about a summer birthday party, you start thinking about all of the fun activities that you want to take part in.  These include playing all different kinds of games, maybe having a swimming pool, laughing, eating good food, birthday cake, all of that.  There are ways though that you can make your birthday party that much more special.  It is all about being as unique as possible.  One of the best ways to do this is to use unique assets that you have available to you from great party rental supply companies such s Celebration Party Rental.


What you want out of a summer birthday party is to really try and wow each and every guest that you have in attendance.  Whether they are a toddler, young adult, or someone older in age, they should all be able to find something that is going to put a smile on their face and make your birthday party one that they are not going to soon forget.  When you visit Celebration Party Rental in the Jacksonville, FL area, they have available to you inflatables that are going to allow your birthday party to stand above and beyond the rest.  Forget the common comfort zone of standard birthday parties with pin the tail on the donkey and think inflatables and how they can make a difference.


Variety for All of the Guests in Attendance


The first way that inflatables can really push your birthday party to the next level is in the sheer variety that they provide to your guests.  You want to give every single person at the birthday party you have organized something to do.  This means finding entertainment for people of all ages.  The young ones should be able to jump around in a bouncy house while the adults may want to try and compete in more of a sports-related environment.  It is truly about variety.


When you are going to decide on using inflatables, make sure that the inflatables that you use and what you have to select from are vast.  Celebration Party Rental has inflatables available in the Fernandina Beach, FL, Orange Park, FL, and Jacksonville, FL areas.  With the variety that is offered by a party rental supply company such as this, you can truly turn your own birthday party into a mini carnival.


Offering a Competitive Environment


There is nothing wrong with getting some competitive juices flowing during a birthday party.  This is especially the case when you have young adults in the crowd that are looking to have some fun.  This is exactly what inflatables can bring to the table should you choose the right ones.  There are inflatables that give you options in the area of sports.  Inflatables are available that can let you simulate doing things such as playing football, jousting, and other competitive-type environments.  These can all be done in a pretty safe environment so that people can all take part in them together and not worry too much getting severely injured.


Get a Slide for the Younger Kids


Slides are awesome, especially when you have younger kids in the crowd of your birthday party.  There are inflatable slides that come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  These inflatable slides are great for kids if they are just toddlers or even older.  Adults and kids can even go down the slides together so that they can all share in the fun.  Slides are great as they can get the adrenaline and excitement going and give the younger ones really something to take part in.  Slides can be fast, fun, and quite entertaining.


Incorporate a Bounce House


Bounce houses are also tremendous options in terms of inflatables.  A birthday party in the Fernandina Beach, FL area that has a bouncy house is going to make a lasting memory on those that are in attendance.  Bouncy houses come in all different shapes and sizes so that they can accommodate a few kids at once or several.  You can rent a bounce house inflatable and have it set up in your yard in no time thanks to great rental providers such as Celebration Party Rental.  They can be on-site and setting up your bouncy house in a timely fashion.  This can help you as the bouncy house will be there and ready to go as soon as your first guest arrives.


A Royal Palace or Castle for the Girls


Girls have dreams of being in a royal palace or a castle like the princess figures they see on television and in movies.  There are inflatable royal palaces and castles that you can rent from Celebration Party Rental to appeal to these little girls with dreams.  These are tremendous inflatables that can incorporate everything from slides to things that you can climb on, bounce on, and so on.  The Royal Palace inflatable, for example, is a very popular one where you climb up on one side of it and then slide down on the other side.  This can allow many different kids to get in on all of the fun at the same time and be able to play in a safe environment.
Inflatables are great options for any birthday party, no matter how big or small those in attendance may be.  There are inflatables that can be utilized for young adults, even adults, and kids from toddlers all the way up to teenagers.  Inflatables can be utilized to get competitive juices flowing with some football fun and such.  They can also allow for some slide action, or bouncing action in a bouncy house or two.  Renting inflatables from Celebration Party Rental can give you an opportunity to really make your birthday party stand out from the competition.  Renting is easy and stress-free.  This can help make your summer birthday party truly special and one that is remembered forever.