Whether you are a child or an adult, chances are you have been to countless birthday parties.  Birthday parties happen every single day across the state of Florida and abroad.  You go to these parties with the intention of celebrating the person who is turning one year older.  As a party planner for these birthday bashes, though, things can get a bit challenging.  The challenge comes in the form of it being very difficult to get creative with birthday parties, simply because you have seen and been to so many of them.  One of the ways that people are starting to branch out with their party planning and how they are organizing the event is by renting entertainment, including water slide rental.


Renting equipment for a birthday party simply makes sense.  When you rent it what you are going to do is to add variety, give a lot of entertainment to people of all ages, save money, and have worry-free fun that you do not have to stress too much over.  Water slide rental brings all of those things to the table and more whether you are having a birthday party for someone that is turning the age of 30 or turning the age of 10.  Water slide rental can bring a great deal of fun to a great many people of all ages.


Adding Variety to the Party


Water slide rental is going to add a lot of variety to the birthday party that you are planning.  Say you are planning a Jacksonville, FL birthday party for someone turning 13-years old.  That same 13-year old and his or her friends have been to probably five or ten other birthday parties already this past year and now it is your turn to plan and throw the bash.  How can you add variety to the party outside of the standard cake, ice cream, pizza, and maybe a few yard games?  One of the ways to do just that is with water slide rental.


Creating that wow factor can be difficult as a birthday party planner, especially when you are trying to impress younger kids.  Renting water slides is going to give off that immediate impression though that this party is different and is truly that much more special.


Giving the Kids and Adults Entertainment


A lot of times you have a birthday party that is going to include both children as well as adults.  If the birthday party is for an adult, chances are some of them are going to bring kids.  Vice versa, if it is a children’s party then the adults may be there to supervise or something like that.  You want to give both kids and adults entertainment so that they can be involved together and enjoy one another’s company.  Water slide rental allows you to accomplish just that due to the fact that they are accessible to everyone.


Saving Money on Buying Entertainment


The idea of having water slides, inflatables, and all of that fun stuff at a birthday party may sound like a great idea, but it may also sound quite expensive to you.  WHat you have to remember though is that you are not actually buying any of these things for the party, you are just renting them.  When you can rent things such as a water slide what you are going to be doing is renting them just for a set period of time.  You are not going to be paying for the water slide forever.  If you wanted to buy inflatables, water slides, that could cost you thousands of dollars.  One hole in them and you would be working to try and get them repaired and spending more money.  The great thing about water slide rental is that everything is there for you already.  We at Celebration Party Rental will help you set it up and you’ll only be paying for the time you need the equipment.


Taking Advantage of the Warm Climate


Have you ever gone to a birthday party where you are stuck inside all day and it is beautiful outside?  This simply does not make any sense, especially when you live in a beautiful climate such as in the state of Florida.  It is warm pretty much year-round meaning that you can enjoy outdoor activities no matter what month it is.  When you look into water slide rental for a birthday party you are going to be taking advantage of that warm climate in a big way.  The idea is to get people outside and having fun, but also keep them as cool and as comfortable as possible.  Water slide rental gets people involved, keeps people cool, and allows them to enjoy the great weather all at the same time.  In the event it is raining a little bit, water slides are still fun.  Remember, you are wet already!


Worry-Free Entertainment for the Planner


As a birthday party planner you want as much worry-free entertainment as you can get.  The more worry-free your equipment is at the party, your tables, chairs, water slides, inflatables, the easier it is on you.  When you buy something such as water slides you have to stress a great deal about the upkeep, making sure they are maintained and ready to go for the party.  When you rent through us at Celebration Party Rental none of that is a concern.  It is truly worry free entertainment for the party planner.  We will be there to help get you set up, take the equipment down, and address anything or any issue that you may have throughout the day.
Water slides can make any birthday party that much more special.  They can add a lot of variety for the children and adults, they can add some excitement, and really allow you to take advantage of the great weather the Jacksonville, FL area has to offer.  Bottom line, renting water slides from us at Celebration Party Rental can bring a lot to the table for that next birthday bash you are throwing.