The summer is coming to an end, but that does not mean that all of the fun has to stop in terms of social gatherings, backyard events, and so on.  Labor Day is one of the biggest days of the year when it comes to social gatherings, where people all across the state of Florida and abroad organize to enjoy a well-deserved long-weekend and typically a great party with BBQ, drinks, and more.

Everyone is always looking for ways to make their next Labor Day that much more special and one of those ways is by working with us and our Jacksonville party rentals.  We at Celebration Party Rental have been able to amass an amazing supply of rentals that we make available to our customers each and every day so that they can get the most out of their next Labor Day bash.  Jacksonville party rentals may be the key to making your parting much easier, less expensive, and more enjoyable for all involved.


For the Younger Crowd

Labor Day is a very easy holiday to be enjoyed by adults, as they can usually just sit around and enjoy food, talk with each other, have some drinks, and really take in the day and everything it has to offer.  That does not do much for the little ones though, all of which are going to want to be active and really talk the day in through entirely different lenses than what adults see.

Our Jacksonville party rentals can help you get what you need to entertain that younger crowd.  Things such as bounce houses and other inflatables can really do wonders to giving the younger kids that are there something to gravitate towards and enjoy together.


Carnival Games

Carnival games are something that you do not always get to play day in and day out, they are usually reserves for when you actually go to the local county fair annually.  Why not try and bring some of those carnival games home though and give your Labor Day party a truly unique twist?  Our Jacksonville party rentals are going to include the ability to allow you to get some classic carnival games set right up in your backyard.

Think of all of the great carnival games that are available, with the Dunk Tank being a perfect example.  When you can have a close friend or a relative up there and sitting on the Dunk Tank seat as adults and kids alike try to dunk the individual in the water, it can create a pretty awesome atmosphere.  These types of carnival games are within reach thanks to the rentals that we have made available to our clients.


Unique Food Offerings

Unique food offerings that go beyond the typical hamburgers and hot dogs will also be appreciated by the guests at the party.  This does not mean go gourmet by any stretch, it could simply mean stay in line with those carnival offerings we were just talking about.

Some of the unique food-related things that we can rent out include such things as a classic carnival or baseball game popcorn maker.  This can allow someone to make up some delicious popcorn for the party that is much cooler than just pouring it out of a bag.

Cotton candy is another one that immediately jumps out as being something that so many people love, yet do not always get to enjoy at a typical Labor Day party.  With the cotton candy machines that we rent out, getting some cotton candy has never been easier.


Sports and Interactive

The goal is to get everyone up and enjoying the day from top to bottom.  Our inflatable rentals that revolve around the sports theme are top notch to say the least.  This can allow people to take part in games of basketball, football, or even just basic obstacle courses.  The idea here is to get everyone involved, up and moving.  When you are able to get more people engaged, they are going to be much more likely to enjoy the party and remember it.

The typical Labor Day parties that we have all gone to year in and year out are enjoyable, but few of them are truly unique.  Our goal with our Jacksonville party rentals is to add some unique twists to those parties that you have been throwing year after year.  Whether it is getting a bouncy house for the little ones, adding a sports-themed set-up of interactive games for the adults, carnival games and food, it is all possible and all cheaper than you would think.  The great thing about our rentals is that you are not buying them, you are only paying for them for as long as you need them, making them all much more accessible to everyone than they would be if you had to go buy them outright for a one-day bash.