Halloween is one of the most enjoyable holidays due to the way in which everyone takes part and really gets in the spirit.  You have people getting together, dressing up in fun costumes, and just enjoying the company of one another.  When this lovely October holiday rolls around, so do all of the Halloween parties that go along with it.  Whether it is a party for kids, adults, or both, there are some essential party rental supplies that you simply cannot live without during one of these bashes.

Tables, Chairs, and More!

You need places for people to be able to sit and be comfortable at your holiday bash and that is one of the areas we can help you in at Celebration Party Rental. We have the ability to get you set up with everything that you need so that you can have plenty of seating for all of your guests, adults or kids.

It can get costly to go out and buy a whole bunch of tables and chairs for a Halloween party.  This is why party rental supplies just make so much sense.  They give you the ability to have access to all of the tables, all of the seating that you want, on-demand basically.

Say you are throwing a Halloween party and you originally anticipated to have around 30 people.  Now you are getting responses and you see that the number is increasing to 50 or 60.  It is nothing more than giving us a call and having us bring more seating for you to rent; that is all that it takes to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Activities and Games

Having activities and games for your Halloween bash is also another great option for you and all of your guests that you want to show a great time to.  Think about how much fun it is when you have kids and adults that can enjoy something such as a bouncy house.  Sometimes in October it can even be warm enough where renting our dunk tank makes a lot of sense and can bring a whole new spirit to the occasion.  It really is just all about letting your imagination run wild because we have tons of different options for you whether you live in the Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach, or Orange Park areas.

Fun With Drinks

Halloween is a time of year when throwing an adult oriented party may also be extremely appealing.  This is a chance for adults to feel like kids again, get all dressed up, and really enjoy the time.  We have some party rental supplies that theme more towards adults as well.  One such example is the keg cooler that you can rent from us.  With just a few bags of ice, you can use the keg cooler to keep your drinks very cold all day long, no matter how hot it is outside.

Are you in the mood to mix up some drinks, but still want to be able to enjoy your party outside?  Our inflatable bar may be the ideal solution for you in this area.  What this allows is for you to bring a bar to your guests outside so that you can start mixing drinks, coming up with fun Halloween concoctions, while still enjoying the company of everyone that has decided to attend and share the day with you.  

We at Celebration Party Rental take a great deal of pride in saying that party is our middle name.  We have party rental supplies that are going to be ideal for your next Halloween bash, to make it as memorable or even more memorable than it has ever been in the past.  There is so much work that goes into planning a party, as well as the costs associated with the party as well.  Let us help you in all of these areas by renting supplies on-demand, at a fraction of the cost of buying them.  This can get you prepared for the Halloween party of a lifetime, without breaking the budget.