When the fall months roll in, that is the time when everyone starts planning for the holidays and all of the social gatherings that go along with it.  This includes, but is certainly not limited to, that high school reunion that crops up every now and then.  The high school reunion is one of the most anticipated events of the year as it gives you and your friends from years ago an opportunity to reunite, come together again, and share stories from your lives that have happened since you were last together.  The issue with a high school reunion typically is the budget and that is where party rentals Orange Park professionals like us come into play.

The planning and budgeting process for a high school reunion is one that can be truly a trying experience for anyone that has gone down that path.  This is because there are just so many things that you have to think about.  You need the guest list, you need to think about a location, food entertainment, seating, and everything in-between.  With Celebration Party Rental, though, you can plan this year’s high school reunion truly on a budget.

Nail Down the Guest List

Step one in this process is to nail down a guest list and see how many people are actually interested in attending.  So many people will say out of the gate that they would love to come, only to find out that they simply have no interest when the real evening arrives.  Get the guest list together and start to come up with a realistic idea of how many people you can anticipate showing up for the reunion.

Use social media to your advantage as this is a great way to connect with people and get their thoughts on locations, whether or not they are available on certain dates, and so on.  Start an event on Facebook or a similar site to begin getting a tally of the individuals and any guests that they may want to bring to the event.

Locate the Venue

Once you have an idea of the number of guests that you are planning on attending, you want to locate a venue that is going to be able to house all of these individuals.  This could mean doing a venue that could even be your backyard if you have enough space, or it could mean renting a function room somewhere for the event.  Finding venues that are a bit more empty is going to allow you to take advantage of the budget opportunities that Celebration Party Rental is going to allow.

Rent Your Chairs, Tables, and More

Why would you run out and buy tons of chairs and tables when you are only going to be using them for one night?  This is where our party rentals Orange Park service comes into play in a big way.  We can get you set up with rentals for all of this stuff so that you can make your backyard, your function room, or whatever venue you chose absolutely tremendous looking from top to bottom.

It is all about having this type of stuff available to you and in a way where it is on-demand.  Say you have 20 people that add their names to the list at the end and are coming, reach out to us and we’ll make sure we have what you need to accommodate these new guests.  This is a much cheaper approach than buying everything outright for that one night.

Don’t Forget the Entertainment

You never want to forget about the entertainment options that you are going to want to bring to the reunion either.  There are plenty of options due to the vast inventory that we have of things such a s dunk tanks, carnival games, inflatables, and more.  The entertainment never stops and you can make this as much of an adult or a fun, free, and young party as you would like it to be.  The best thing to do is to hop on our website and see all of the great party rentals Orange Park that we have in our inventory.

When you are planning a high school reunion, you want to do it big, but you also want to do it on a budget.  That is exactly what we allow for at Celebration Party Rental.  We are all about making the party as budget friendly as possible, while delivering something completely over the top, unique, and just plain fun for all of your guests involved.  When it comes time to start that high school reunion planning, reach out to us so that we can deliver the goods and make it as memorable as possible.