Going through the process of planning a holiday party, whether it be for Christmas, New Year’s, or just a winter get together with all of your friends, can be quite enjoyable.  The trick with planning a holiday party though is to try and be unique, think outside of the box.  How many holiday parties have you been to where you are all just sitting around and chatting while on the couch?  Most people want to be active at these holiday parties, experience something that perhaps they have not seen before, and that is where we at Celebration Party Rental can make a significant impact.

Jacksonville party rentals should be nothing new to you, but there is a chance that they still could be.  The whole idea behind party rentals is that you are reaching out to a company like us to rent things that you intend to use, need, for whatever gathering that you may be putting together.  The rentals are paid for over the course of time that you need them.  This makes them much cheaper than having to go out and buy all of this stuff at full price.  You are paying a rental fee to us in exchange for your right to use our concession stands and other party rental supplies at your next holiday party.

The Concession Stand Idea

When was the last time that you had concession stands organized at a holiday party?  The answer to that one more than likely never.  The only time that people usually see concession stands is when they are going to a carnival or fair that may be in the area for a week or so every single year, or at a sporting event.  Concession stands can be incorporated into a holiday party pretty quickly though when you work with us at Celebration Party Rental.

The great thing about living in the state of Florida is the weather is such that you can enjoy the great outdoors every single month of the year.  You can take your backyard and turn it into a mini carnival if you would like to with our concession stand rentals.  Some of the quality options that we have available include a Sno One Machine, as well as Popcorn Machine.  If you are in the mood for cotton candy, we can rent out machines that allow for that, as well as hot dog rollers and steamers.  

Having a concession booth that is simply there to offer your guests beverages outside can create a bar like an experience like none other.  It is all about being different and showing your guests a truly unique time.

Party Rental Supplies Expanded

You can add plenty of other things to your holiday party as well with our Jacksonville party rentals options.  One of the more popular ones that are rented quite frequently is that of the Inflate-a-Bar.  This lets you have an inflatable bar right in your backyard to allow you to mix up drinks have people come up to the bar to chat, and creates a cool vibe overall in your yard.

The Keg Cooler is another rental that gets used a lot for holiday parties and works to keep your keg of beer as fresh as possible.  If you simply need to rent more basic Jacksonville party rentals supplies like tables and chairs, we can be your solution for that as well.

Think Outside of the Box

The goal with all of this discussion around Jacksonville party rentals is that you want to think outside of the box.  Take some time and think through what can make your next holiday party different, truly unique.  When you come up with an idea, do not let your budget get in the way as rentals allow you to accomplish your plans at a fraction of the cost of buying them.  Put in the work to figure out your ideas and flesh them out and work with us at Celebration Party Rental to make all of them a reality.  

The work that you put in to get creative with your next holiday party is going to pay big dividends when the actual day arrives.  Everyone wants something unique at a holiday bash, and that is what you can give them with concession stands and other Jacksonville party rentals that we offer.  Reach out to us today to start planning your next holiday party or winter gathering and learn how you can incorporate our great rentals into your event.