The biggest thing that you can ask for as someone trying to throw an outdoor party is options.  You want to have options so that you can choose from the best party rental Jacksonville suppliers like us have to offer.  One of the things that we take lots of pride in at Celebration Party Rental is our ability to have the supply of the most popular party rentals.  Outdoor parties are unique and memorable when fun twists are incorporated into them.

Some of the party rentals that we offer at Celebration Party Rental are simply going to be more popular than others.  Five of the most popular rental options, which we detailed out below, are surely going to make your party a hit whether it is heavily attested by the young ones, adults, or a combination of the two.  Considering one of these hugely popular party rentals is going to put your outdoor party on the map and make it incredibly memorable.

The Classic Bounce House

There is something about a bounce house that is just absolutely inviting to anyone that walks near it.  A bounce house is something that, whether you are a kid or an adult, is fun to mess around in.  You will love to hop around in the house, go up and down, feeling completely free and weightless.  It is an incredible sensation, and it is one of the big reasons as to why this safe and entertaining activity is so popular among many of our customers.

The bounce house is something that we offer in so many different varieties.  If you are having a birthday party for a young girl or boy, you may want to get a castle bounce house or maybe one that has his favorite superhero decorated all over it.  You could also go the more simple route with some of the more basic, classic bounce houses that we have available all of the time.

Bungee Basketball

The bungee basketball options are also one that you want to consider.  You get hooked up to a bungee, you have a basketball, and the goal is to get to the hoop, pulling the bungee cord along the way and using it.  The bungee basketball game is one that is extremely popular with teenagers and adults.  The young ones can participate too, but this is geared towards an older audience.

The game is competitive, enjoyable, and highly entertaining for all involved.  For all of those reasons, it is one of the more popular party rental Jacksonville options that we have for our customers.

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are great as they are a very fun way to bring some competitive spirit to an outdoor party.  When you can have an obstacle course set up, it can be entertaining and fun for those that want to participate, as well as those that just want to hang on the sideline and watch all of the action play out.  Obstacle courses come in all different varieties, and challenge levels so check out our supply to see what meets your needs, desires.

Wet and Dry Slides

Slides are also fun and a great way to help feel the wind in your face or escape the heat of an outdoor party.  Whether you have a dry slide that is going to let you get that breeze as you go flying down it or a wet slide to go whizzing across it, with the water splashing on your face, these slides are certainly going to deliver.

The wet and dry slides are so big regarding popularity among our party rental Jacksonville options because of how accessible they are to people of all ages.  Everyone loves a good slide, and whether you go with the wet or the dry option, you are going to appreciate the experience and want more of it.

Games and Concessions

Ever wanted to try and make it feel as though your outdoor party is similar to that of a county fair or carnival?  You can do that with the games and concessions that we rent at Celebration Party Rental. Some of the popular ones that we have included the hot dog roller and cotton candy maker.  We also have several classic carnival games including the dunk tank, putt golf, the frog flinger, among others.

There are so many different options that you have at your disposal when you rent for your outdoor party.  It is an excellent way to spice things up and make your party that much more memorable.  Our team at Celebration Party Rental is prepared to assist you with your party rental Jacksonville needs to make your party as great as possible.