There are so many variations that you can have when it comes to throwing a birthday party for a child.  Depending on the age of the child, you are going to want to take into account the things that interest him or her, what is going to be entertaining for their friends, yet also be unique.  We have some of our favorite themes for a kid’s summer birthday party that we would love to share.  Whether it is the bouncy house theme or carnival approach with a popcorn machine rental Jacksonville FL, we have what is needed to make your next kid’s birthday party very special.

The options that you have at your disposal are somewhat endless when you work with us at Celebration Party Rental. This opens up the possibilities regarding what you can try to go with from a party planning perspective, what you may want to try, and so on.  No longer do you have to spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to get supplies for a particular type of theme for a party.  What we make possible is for you to be able to rent them to help you get that perfect theme at a fraction of the cost.

Sports Theme

One of the favorite themes that we have when it comes to kid’s summer birthday parties is that of a sports theme. We have tons of rentals at our disposal in the sports arena.  This can bring a theme to the party that incorporates everything from football to baseball, soccer, hockey, and so on. The sports theme is prevalent, especially when you mix it in with any of the inflatable rentals that we have available. There is something to be said for incorporating sports to get everyone involved, up and moving, and having fun at the kid’s summer birthday party.

Carnival Time

The carnival theme is another one that stands out and can be made ideal thanks to the rentals that we make available. The carnival theme is going to incorporate everything that you would typically see by visiting one. Think about things such as a popcorn machine rental Jacksonville FL or a dunk tank. You may even think about other concession stands that include making cotton candy, hot dogs, as well as much more. Create a carnival right in your backyard; it will make for a memorable day or night.

Bouncy House Theme

A bouncy house theme is when you incorporate a whole slew of our inflatables into one party.  We have everything when it comes to bouncy houses so that people of all ages can get a lot out of them. Even beyond the bouncy houses, we have big slides, obstacle courses, and much more that are going to get people up and moving around at the party. That is all you can ask for is to get everyone involved, no one just standing on the sideline. We can help accomplish that with this particular theme that is all around the inflatables we have available.

Slide Time

The final theme that is certainly going to be worth mentioning is that of the slides that we have available. If you are a fan of water play, we have wet slides that are out of this world, creating a water park right in your backyard essentially. The dry slide as well can be incorporated so that you have the total package of entertainment available.

The themes that we see people go with for a kid’s summer birthday party do vary. Whether it is the sports theme, carnival theme, or something unique, it is all about matching up the personality of the child with the particular setting for the bash.  When you do this properly, you are going to make that birthday party much more special. It could be something as simple as a popcorn machine rental Jacksonville FL that helps complete the ideal theme for that perfect birthday party.