Labor Day: the holiday that typically equates to the end of summer and some fabulous parties and picnics.  Do you remember all of the Labor Day parties you attended in the past years?  Chances are they all begin to morph together over time.  None of these parties ever stand out because they usually all do the same thing.  You show up at the party or picnic to have some food and beverages, talk, and go home.  Nothing memorable happens!  When it is your turn to throw a Labor Day picnic this year, take it up a notch with a bouncy house rental Jacksonville FL.

Quality Activities

You want to start off with activities everyone will enjoy at the Labor Day picnic.  Go beyond just having a frisbee or a whiffle ball and bat combination.  Think bigger!  Our team of professionals has made bouncy house rental Jacksonville FL solutions available to everyone.  Why not try out a bouncy house?  It is something that, whether you are young or old, you will be able to enjoy.

The sensation of hopping in the bouncy house and just feeling weightless, going to town even if you have limited physical ability, can be invigorating.  You want to enjoy the outdoors at a Labor Day picnic and a bouncy house, along with similar activities, is an excellent way to do it.

Plan the Day

For any party to run smoothly, you want to plan a schedule for the day.  Think about when you want people to eat and when they’ll have time to play.  What time do you think certain games will take place?  You may not need an entire hour-by-hour breakdown of what will happen, but have a plan in the back of your mind.  When you have a plan, you are going to be able to enjoy your picnic day better.

Seating for All

Seating is another important aspect.  With this being a picnic, this may equate to just having enough area.  Even at a picnic, though, you may have some folks attending that do not want to sit on the ground.  We can help you with more than just a bouncy house rental Jacksonville FL solution because we have tables and chairs available that you can rent.  Rent however many chairs and tables you need for the length of time that is necessary for the bash.

The art of the perfect Labor Day picnic is to make it immersive and memorable.  You want people to recollect on the day you planned and what you were able to put together.  The work you put in planning will allow adults and kids alike to enjoy themselves much more on party day.  Our bouncy house rental Jacksonville FL solutions open up a slew of possibilities for you.  We can get you what is needed to make your activity plans a reality. Celebration Party Rental is here as your party source for the next Labor Day picnic to close out the summer!