Every year it seems as though the number of children injured in bounce houses goes up.  Pediatricians report statistics on this from time to time, and it can be a scary sight, to say the least.  The truth, though, is that bounce houses are not dangerous, as long as they are used correctly.  Bounce houses are often abused, employed in ways that they just were not intended.  When this occurs, that is when the danger level increases.  With every one of our bouncy house rental Jacksonville FL clients, we always stress safety and want to provide you tips to practice appropriate use.


Securing to the Ground

One of the significant dangers when it comes to bounce houses is the risk of tipping over.  You want to be certain that the inflatable is adequately secured to the ground.  When we do our bouncy house rental Jacksonville FL jobs, we always work with our clients to be sure that the securing of the house is done properly.  You want to have at least four stakes going into the ground.  If you do not have an area where the grass is present, and you can easily plop stakes in, then you are going to want to come up with a different solution, cement buckets are one of the most commonly used methods.


Practice Adult Supervision

A bounce house is not something that is intended to be put up and to let the kids play freely, with no supervision. The adults have to be around and should always be watching!  Be aware of this as parents!  A bounce house may seem harmless enough, but it can be straightforward for someone to fall the wrong way, get stuck in one of the corners, or just panic out of being nervous in this new environment.  Always make sure you have at least one parent there watching.


Kids of the Same Size

You may be having a party where you have children that are of all different ages and sizes.  An 8-year old boy should not be bouncing around with a 2-year old toddler.  The toddler is not going to be able to keep up.  The bigger kids can quickly fall on the smaller kids.  When we do our bouncy house rental Jacksonville FL, it is always advised that you try and keep the kids using the home around the same ages and sizes.  This can be hard to accomplish, but try to set ground rules early and make people take turns to allow this to become a reality.

A bounce house is one of the best things that you can have at a party.  It can be used for kids, for adults; a bouncy house rental Jacksonville FL is all about brought activity, entertainment to the bash.  When we rent these, we always preach safety first!  As the renter, it is on you to be sure that a lot of the guidelines we lay out, the best practices we push, are followed.  Try out some of the safety tips above and enjoy a much tamer bouncing experience.