Living in the southeast means that you can throw some great outdoor parties year-round.  The summer months bring the heat, the need for water play, while the fall brings out the football, obstacle courses, and more!  When are you looking for a great party rental company, though, what should top your list of desires?  What are the credentials, check the box items to seek out?  We at Celebration Party Rental are known for our inflatable rentals Jacksonville FL homeowners love, but it goes above and beyond just the bounce houses!


Make Sure There is Plenty of Selection

The first check the box item when hunting for a great party rental company is to make sure there are plenty of choices available to you.  A party rental company that only has a few different inflatables to rent, limited options, is not going to deliver what you need.  Instead, what you are looking for is choices!

You want your great party rental company to go above and beyond when it comes to inflatable rentals Jacksonville FL want.  Not even just the inflatables, what about dunk tanks?  What about setting up fantastic obstacle courses?  If you’re going to turn your backyard into a miniature carnival, your party rental company should be able to deliver for you.


Professionalism, Licensure, and Insurance

The other factors you want to consider when looking at party rental companies is their level of professionalism.  Are they licensed and insured to operate their business of inflatable rentals Jacksonville FL, within the state and abroad?  Being licensed and insured is what allows us at Celebration Party Rental to go out and work with not only residential customers, but commercial customers as well.

We want to work with large corporations too, helping with unbelievable events that these companies can put on.  Also to be able to give back to the community with parties in local parks and recreational centers.  Insurance means that we as a business are covered, as well as you if anything does go wrong while the rentals are set up.


Customer Service and Peace of Mind

Customer service, as well as peace of mind for you as a consumer, are both pivotal.  You want to have confidence in the company that you hire.  If you need them, reaching out to them over the phone, you want to talk to someone, get answers, assistance, advice.  That is what we deliver with Celebration Party Rental and want to give to you as well as one of our potential customers.  When you hire us as your inflatable rentals Jacksonville FL company, we want you to be confident we will be on-time, there to set everything up, take everything down, and address any concerns that you have in-between.

As a consumer, the ball is in your court to be sure you are signing on with the ideal inflatable rentals Jacksonville FL company.  Do your homework, be sure they have the selection you need first and foremost!  Look for customer service, be sure that the company is licensed and insured.  When you put in the work ahead of time, you’ll be able to hire a rental company that gives you confidence in that they will deliver to you, precisely what you need.