Everyone loves a great party. What better way to celebrate an event than with a bounce house? Hey, they’re not just for the kids anymore! Adults can jump in on the fun by renting any of our obstacles courses or slides. As your party experts in Jacksonville, Celebration Party Rental is your go-to for the best interactive inflatables in town. We’ve put together a few of our favorite reasons why we love bounce houses and you should, too.


Entertain Everyone

Bounce houses are an incredible way to entertain everyone while getting them involved. Once the kids see the inflatable, they’ll be even more excited to play with their friends. If the adults participate, the memories will be even better!

Kids gravitate to inflatables because they want to be entertained, and this is the perfect way to get them to have fun together. At Celebration Party Rental, we want everyone to enjoy their time at your party while staying safe. Multiple children can play at any one time in our bounce houses, but there should always be adult supervision. It’s also best to keep kids around the same age and size in the bounce house. Otherwise, the bigger kids can easily fall on the smaller ones.


Keep Kids Active

When your kids can’t get enough of the bounce house, it’s actually great for their health. According to Nasa, “10 minutes of bouncing (or rebounding) is a more efficient cardiovascular workout than over 30 minutes of running.” Not only are the physical benefits amazing, but the exercise can produce an increase in endorphins and make them even happier. They can also practice their balance as they jump around, according to CNN.

When you rent a bounce house for the kids, they’ll not only be active at the party, but start on the path for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise won’t be a chore, but a fun experience to start living wholesome, fit lives. And, if any of the kids want to show off their competitive sides, we have plenty of obstacles they can choose from!


Rent Party Supplies

Everyone loves a great party, but any event’s costs can quickly add up. Concession stands, photo booths and inflatables are a great addition to any party, but not necessarily items you need to own. There’s a good chance you only need these items a couple times a year, so don’t buy supplies you’ll only use for a few hours.

Instead, rent what you need from Celebration Party Rental and save space. Not only does it also save you money, but you’ll be stress-free with our team expertly handling rental setup and takedown. All you have to do is focus on renting an interactive inflatable that both children and adults will love!


We love helping our customers host the best parties in town. When it’s time to throw that next great event, don’t hesitate to choose from our list of inflatable rentals and party supplies. With all these amazing benefits of renting a bounce house or interactive inflatable from us, it’s easy to see why we love what we do. Everyone should have a wonderful time at your event and that means renting party supplies that they’ll love. Call us today to make your party amazing! We can’t wait to work with you!