Big backyards can be a lot of maintenance, so it totally makes sense if you opted for a smaller backyard! Even though smaller backyards are a whole lot less of a hassle, they can still be difficult to decorate. Don’t you worry, there are a million ways to optimize your landscape space. Here are a couple of our favorite tips on making the most of your limited outdoor area:


Avoid Clutter

If you have a small backyard, it’s important to keep clutter to a minimum. The more you have in your yard, the tighter it’ll feel. Strive to avoid bulky furniture and keep plants to a minimum. Simplify your plants – instead of having 15 little potted plants, try 5 big plants. This will also simplify your garden/watering chores. Thinly framed furniture with petite bodies is sure to make your yard feel roomier and instead of a 10 person outdoor table, try a 4 or 5 person table.


Try to incorporate built-in seating where you can. If the space just doesn’t call for built-ins, try to keep the seating small and simple. Make an effort to buy pieces that serve multiple purposes and keep toys and gardening tools in the garage instead of outside. Decreasing clutter is one sure way to make your backyard feel larger. When you have an event or gathering coming up that requires more seating or tables, give Celebration Party Rentals a call! We have everything you need to host the party when the time comes.


Create a Focal Point

Even the smallest of landscapes need a focal point. A table, sculpture, waterfall, fire pit or any awesome structure can serve as a focal point that brings the whole backyard together. It’s significantly harder to design smaller areas than large ones, so decide what you want to be the focal point in the early design stages. Most people lean towards water features or large plants as the focal point. Once you have a designated center of attention, decorating the rest of the landscape is a breeze.


Deck it Out

Adding a deck is a quick, efficient and natural way to add square footage to a small backyard. It’ll also cost less than normal if you have a small backyard. A deck is good for adding two levels – one can be used for dining and the other for plants. It’s also a super easy way to separate the yard from another type of space without taking up a lot of room and it increases visual separation by changing flooring between spaces. Don’t forget that deck boards should be laid diagonally and not straight in order to optimize yard square footage.
There are so many ways to optimize your backyard. Don’t let your limited outdoor space prevent you from being the host of the party. Utilize your indoor and outdoor space to keep your guests happy and call Celebration Party Rental for all your flooring, seating and table needs!