What’s the difference between the party of the year and a total dud? A bounce house. Whether you’re a pro party planner or an amateur, you want your special event to be a memorable one for your friends and family. You can accomplish this by booking a bounce house. Whether you’re hosting a birthday, holiday or football party, you can blow the other parties out of the water with an inflatable. From kids to adults, everyone loves bounce houses. That’s why it’s crucial to book your inflatables for the year now!


Party Planning Takes Time

Party planning isn’t an easy process. You have to start months ahead of time to ensure everything turns out as you imagined and everything goes according to plan. The earlier you decide on a theme, the earlier you can book your bounce house. The earlier you can book, the inventory options you’ll have. Don’t wait until the last second to book an inflatable! Our team of bounce house experts at Celebration Party Rental recommends you schedule your rental as soon as you know your event date and time. Inflatables, especially bounce houses, are in high demand, so it’s good to book early to ensure the house you want is available.


Decrease Holiday Stress

Holidays are prime party time so if you’re at a loss for entertainment, a bounce house will surely do the trick. Booking in advance ensures you get the inflatable you want and because your party entertainment is already situated, you’ll have peace of mind. Go with a theme that’ll keep the kids entertained or consider an obstacle course that’ll challenge the adults. Regardless of what you choose, your entertainment will be booked so you can focus on other preparations. This is an easy way to reduce stress as the party you’re hosting approaches.


Hype Your Party

Your event has been in the works for awhile now. Once you’ve booked your super cool bounce house, you can begin to hype up your party! Send out invitations, spread the word on the inflatable, do whatever you need to do to get your guests excited to come celebrate. Whatever your event may be, it’ll be awesome because you’re the cool party planner that booked the bounce house!


A bounce house rental adds the special element your party needs. It’s not too soon to book! Our team at Celebration Party Rental will happily guide you through our inventory with your specific needs in mind. Whether it’s a small jumpy for your youngest child or a 77-foot long obstacle course for teens and adults, we have it all. We have many different characters to accommodate your themed event. If you know you have a party within the year that you want to spice up with an inflatable, call and book today.