Summer means school is out and it’s time to have fun! Keep routine out of your kids’ schedules by breaking up the days with different activities. Get them excited for some slip n’ slides, games and yummy treats. Your kids are sure to be active with these rockin’ ideas:


  1. Ball Out

    What makes a competitive game of soccer or basketball even better? Inflatables! Rent an inflatable soccer goal and let the kiddos get a kick out of the goal bouncing back at them! Punny, we know.

  2. Summer Splash

    Those kids have so much energy and, man, do they sweat! Cool them off this summer with the coolest slip and slide you can find. They’ll burn off energy running and sliding around in the cold water and feel refreshed.

  3. Giant Games

    Take the day-to-day games your kids know and love and make them GIANT. There are endless choices like giant jenga, giant cup stacking and giant beach balls. This takes your tried and true games and turns them into new irresistible games for all to enjoy.

  4. Sweet Treats

    Kids absolutely love eating new treats. This summer you can show them how to make treats from sno cones to cotton candy! Kids love sugar and love a summer with some sugary treats. They get to pick the flavors and you get to share a yummy snack break with them! The ingredients for a great summer if you ask us.

  5. Artistic Flare

    The little ones need a creative outlet this summer. Otherwise, you’ll be looking at some unwanted wall art! Keep the crayons off the walls and get the kids painting spin art! It’s an easy way to get the kids outdoors for some fresh air and have them mesmerized by the spinning and whirling colors. They’ll be proud of their precious art and you’ll be proud of them for not decorating their bedrooms. Win-win.

  6. DJ Turntables

    Want to test out your DJ skills? Get the kids going with a cool dance party and some of the best summer jams. Set up some disco lights, break out a dance floor and invite neighborhood kids over for a jammin’ dance party! This is great for a rainy day stuck inside.

  7. Maze Runner

    The kids will be super busy once they get lost inside a maze. This is an activity that’ll have the kids tied up for hours. This life size puzzle will have the kids not only active but also using their brain power. A win for them and win for you! You’ll deserve a parenting award for combining fun and learning.

  8. Oversized Obstacles

    Running, jumping and crawling – oh my! Let the kids get moving and race each other through a crazy large obstacle course. Get their competitive juices flowing and watch them get excited and active.

  9. Climbing to New Heights

    Reaching new heights this summer, your kids will be so excited! Let them figure out the ultimate challenge of how to make it to the top your kids will feel accomplished and the will be out of your hair!

  10. Dunked & Soaked

    Keep ‘em cool and introduce a dunk tank to their summer fun. Or better yet, let them dunk you! They’ll think it’s hysterical and you’ll be refreshed, everyone wins!


This summer will be a long one, so soak up every minute with some awesome new activities for the kiddos!You won’t regret having the days planned out and the kids caught up for a second. Let them play so you can enjoy your summer, too. If you don’t have any of the activity tools, give us a call so we can work something out for your fun-packed summer!