August is here and so is the start of a new school year! Invite over the kids’ friends and classmates for an end of the summer, back-to-school bash. We have the best tips and tricks for a back-to-school party that your kids will be talking about all year long. It’s an exciting time as the kids get older and head off to a new grade; they’re getting new teachers, classmates and things to learn. Before all of this happens, your children deserve some time to just be a kid and hang out with their friends. A back-to-school party is the perfect way to do just that! We’re here as party enthusiasts and experts to let you in on the back-to-school party secrets:


Back-to-School Grab Bag

It’s basically a back-to-school white elephant! Everyone brings a fun, new back-to-school item and puts them all in a large bag upon arrival. When your party-goers are ready to open gifts, each new student can reach into the bag (with their eyes closed, of course!) and pick out a new back-to-school gift. It’s a fun way to get the kids excited about going to back-to-school and saying goodbye to summer.


Summer Share Hour

Let the kids go around and share a little bit about their favorite summer memories and what they look forward to in the coming school year. This is normally an exciting time for young students, but there may be a few with nerves. It’s a great opportunity to remind each child that they have a group of friends who support them and share their same fears and excitement. You’ll be able to get a pulse on how your child is feeling and help them get excited for what’s to come.


Play Games

We suggest setting up a few activities for the kiddos to run around and burn off some steam from the school year anticipation. Make every moment that’s left of their summer count with a few inflatables and backyard games. Whether it’s ring toss, bean bags or a giant bounce house, your kids will be pumped to make more summer memories before the school year starts.


Themed Treats

Running around will come to a halt when you pull out cute and delicious back-to-school cupcakes.. They don’t have to all be the same design, either! One cupcake could have a flag pole decoration, another with a number two pencil. The kids will get a kick out of how cute the cupcakes are and it’ll remind them that school really is fun. Pro tip: Make an assortment of cupcake flavors for all of those picky eaters out there.


Summer is all fun and games, butso is the school year! Let your kids get excited for school by throwing the ultimate back-to-school blowout. With these tips, you’re in the fast lane to becoming the coolest back-to-school parent on the block. Remind the kids that school is super cool by throwing a super cool party.