Halloween is more than just a time for dressing up and eating candy, it’s a chance to channel your inner child and express yourself. That’s a pretty good reason to celebrate! Party is our middle name every day of the year, but we especially love to go all out on Halloween. On Halloween night, everyone will be out in the neighborhood trick-or-treating, so you need to make sure you and your home are prepped for the occasion. Whether this means buying monstrous amounts of candy or planning a party for the block, we’re here to help with ideas:


Caught In a Web


One simple and easy way to give your visitors a spook and a scream is to wrap parts of the house in faux cobweb. This holiday is all about the spook factor, and what’s spookier than an old home trapped in a large cobweb? We suggest using this faux web to your advantage. Wrap the mailbox in web, cover the front door in web or try our favorite idea: layer the sidewalk leading up to the door in massive amounts of creepy cobweb. Your frightened little visitors will love interacting with your spooky decor.


Walking Among the Dead


There’s one way to make sure a costume or a house is perfect for Halloween: dress it up in dead. It doesn’t matter what your costume is — it could be something simple like a cheerleader, but if it’s a dead cheerleader it’ll be just spooky enough for Halloween. If you want to take that creepy theme and amp it up a notch, we suggest adding a graveyard in front of the house. It’ll be sure to give visitors the chills as they walk through spider webs and tiptoe around fake limbs poking out of the boneyard. You won’t regret it, but your guests might regret entering your Halloween spooktacular.


Mummified Party Favors


There will be plenty of houses on the block handing out treats. Let’s make your house unforgettable. We have a fun and simple way to make sure the kids will be talking about your trick-or-treat gifts until Thanksgiving. All you need are some tin cans, gauze, big googly eyes and lots of candy! Simply wrap your tin cans in the gauze, glue on the googly eyes and fill up the cans with candy. It’s recycling and fun all in one. The kids will be so excited to have a new Halloween buddy to play with, not to mention how excited they’ll be to eat the loads of candy packed inside the can.


Halloween is all about having fun and making the most of your spooky creativity. We hope you’ll use our suggestions as inspiration and find a way to make our ideas your own! Like we said, Party is our middle name, and for Halloween, the spookier the party the better. Now, pop in the scary Halloween movies, break out the sugary candy and get the spooky party started!