It’s that time of the year again. You’re planning a spooktacular Halloween party and you’ve already locked down the best bounce house on the block. Now it’s time to take care of the details. The little things can turn your “pretty fun” party into an outrageous and immersive experience. It sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Some of the best aspects of a Halloween party can cost next to nothing, as long as you’re up for putting in a little hard work and getting creative. Here are five super easy and effective Halloween party ideas:

Lab Jars

Lab jars are a classic scare tactic and are super simple to assemble. Line up the jars on any table or countertop, and kids will either be mesmerized, terrified or both! Just grab some old mason jars, fill them with water and place a doll head or a toy bug inside. If you’re feeling creative, use twine and distressed paper to tie labels to the jars. You can also add a little bit of green or yellow food coloring to the water inside the jars. This will add to the eeriness and give it even more of an authentic mad scientist look. During the Halloween season, dollar stores usually have a wide selection of creepy little toys like spiders, bugs, skulls and much more.

Creepy Eyes

Want to spook your guests right off the bat? Make sure they’re greeted by creepy eyes glowing from your bushes as they walk up. This one couldn’t be easier. Simply cut eye holes out of a toilet paper roll, fill the roll with a glow stick and stick it on a branch. The glow stick adds just enough light for it to be subtly frightening.

Mummy Relay Race

Toilet paper goes a long way on Halloween. Have the kids wrap each other in toilet paper to “mummify” one another as fast as they can. Once they’re covered from head to toe, they can race to the finish line! This is a party game that’s guaranteed to be a hit with everybody.

Porch Scarecrow

Nothing sets the Halloween mood like a good ol’ scarecrow in the corner. Save yourself some serious cash by making a DIY scarecrow. Stuff some of your old clothes with hay and finish off the look by adding a jack-o’-lantern as the head. Prop your creation up on a tall stick, secure it in your front yard and let your spooky scarecrow do the rest.

Halloween Feel Box

This is a trick the kids definitely won’t forget. The Halloween feel box is a cardboard box with two holes cut out on the outside, just big enough for a hand to fit through each hole. The kids will blindly stick their hands through the holes and feel around. If you really want to gross the kids out, put something slippery and slimy in the box, and make it even more fun by adding labels. You can use green beans as “witch fingers” or grapes as “eyeballs.” All the kids will be feeling simultaneously tricked and treated!

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, go batty! Take a look around the house and see what you can find. Creativity goes a long way when it comes to Halloween, and homemade décor always looks more authentic than what you typically find in the aisles. Channel your inner (thrifty) mad scientist and turn your Halloween party into the most spooktacular of occasions.