What is there to say about Valentine’s day that hasn’t been said before? It could quite possibly be the most divisive holiday. If you’re in a relationship, chances are you enjoy the holiday. If you’re single, you might not be as enthusiastic with emotions ranging from a solemn painful reminder of your loneliness to a burning hatred for the “corny” celebration of love. Luckily it doesn’t have to be that way actually. Get ready we’re gonna get a little sappy here: Everybody can benefit from celebrating Valentine’s Day because everybody needs some love, no matter who you are. Aw, sweet right? It’s true! If you’ve been thinking about finding a way to bring the family a little closer or maybe you just think everybody could benefit from some quality family time Valentine’s Day is your perfect opportunity. And stay with me here, you can celebrate Valentine’s day with your family without it being awkward or cheesy. Here are five ways you can bring your loved ones together on February 15th:


Nice Family Dinner Out:


Whether it’s just your significant other, close friends, or the whole family a nice dinner is a classically effective way to show someone they are important and matter to you. Since the beginning of time, food has been at the center of relationships. Start the meal with a nice Valentines Day toast maybe an exchanging of gifts and who knows where the night will take you? Maybe your crew is enjoying themselves so much you’ll want to get dessert and coffee after.


Family Cookout:


While a family night out is great, you don’t need to leave your home for a good Valentines day. A nice home cooked meal with the entire family is a great expression of care. Light some candles, cook some steaks, or even just grill out some good food. The important thing is everyone is together.


Game Night:


As cliche as the family game night, it’s undeniably a crowd pleaser. As reluctant as some family members may be at first everybody ends up having fun in the end. Don’t have any games? We’ve got you covered with a huge selection of carnival games if you’re trying to up the ante!


Movie Night:


Everybody loves a movie night. If it’s just you and your significant other it’s super romantic and if it’s the whole family it’s just as enjoyable. Even if there are no good movies out get cozy on the couch get some good blankets and enjoy a movie night in on the small screen. You can even jazz it it up with one of our popcorn makers.


Valentines Day Card Exchange:


Is Valentine’s Day a cheesy holiday? That’s up to your interpretation. If you think so, celebrate Valentine’s day with your family and embrace the cheesiness. Do a Card exchange. Have everybody make personalized, wacky valentines day cards with a small gift for each member of the family.


Luckily, there’s no rule book on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a family movie night in, all that matters is your coming together and making memories. That’s why we do what we do! If you need assistance at your next event get in touch so you can focus on making memories.