Less than a week until the most patriotic day of the year! With the Fourth of July just around the corner, it’s crunch time to start making plans for a big summer party. Between bounce houses and keg coolers, we know a thing or two about how to throw a dang good summer celebration. Here’s the best advice on how to throw a killer party this season:

Create Conversation Hubs Around Your Home

It’s no secret that people automatically gravitate toward areas with food, booze and comfy seating. Pick two-to-three areas around your house and backyard to equip with cozy seats and tasty treats. 

Fill large tin containers with ice and drinks and place near the conversation pits. Opening up your bar to the masses lets you enjoy the party instead of behind the bar. Another simple tip is to be strategic with the appetizers you place around the party area. Be sure to choose foods that are best enjoyed at room temperature. Great ideas include prosciutto wrapped melon, charcuterie boards and hummus dip.

Music Sets the Mood You Want to Achieve

A great party starts with an awesome playlist. It’s always smart to set the right tone by keeping your food, lighting, cocktails and music on-theme. If you want to achieve an al fresco dinner party vibe, the perfect Spotify playlist is where you should start. 

Pair that grilled ribeye with smooth jazz, or crank up the pop for a casual BBQ. Make sure to set up the music to play in every area where your guests might mingle. 

Incorporate Party Games that Appeal to Many Guests

Not every guest is going to love giant Jenga, and that’s OK. We recommend combining three-to-four different games that can entertain a variety of guests. Our favorites include an interactive inflatable, party card games and giant Jenga. 

The entertainment you choose totally depends on the demographics of your guests. You know your guests better than us! Choose games that appeal to the masses. 

Come to Celebration Party Rental for all the Gear You Need

We proudly provide Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach and Orange Park residents with all of the tools they need to throw an awesome party. Ready to reserve some last minute party supplies before July Fourth? Reach out to us today!