One of the best ways to elevate your kid’s summer experience is to throw a party with all their friends. No matter the theme or reason for the event, a waterslide or interactive inflatable will always elevate the fun. The Celebration Party Rental team is here with our top recommendations for the best summer party rentals. 

Maximum Fun with the Mega Twister

This is the top-of-the-line option in the inflatables market today. This is the perfect way to keep kids of all ages entertained for hours. Between the steep (yet safe!) ladder and the winding slide, the mega twister has everything you’d want for a summer celebration.

Jump for Joy with Joey Octopus

Every great summer party has a focal piece of entertainment. Hey, that’s where Joey Octopus comes in! This is the perfect bounce house for Under the Sea, Summer Forever and Beachside themed parties. 

The Dual Lap Challenger Does it All

As fas as obstacle courses go, this one is winning the game. Two slides, two climbing walls and two archway entrances make this the perfect inflatable for parties of any size. A great way to make the most of this party rental is to create some competition and host an obstacle course challenge. 

Bring ‘Em Out to the Boxing Ring

Speaking of a challenge…an inflatable boxing ring is a great way to create a little friendly competition. A regulation-style ring and one-size-fits-most boxing gloves make this the perfect rental for your kids and their rambunctious friends. 

The Royal Palace is Fit for Your Little Kings and Queens

This ginormous interactive inflatable is the perfect addition to parties of any size and theme. The Royal Palace party rental seamlessly combines a dry slide and a bounce house to create hours of fun for your kiddos. 

Get Your Party on with Jacksonville’s Party Rental Pros

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