The host of Thanksgiving dinner never gets enough credit. From planning out the menu to preparing a beautiful tablescape, holiday preparation can quickly become stressful. You’re in luck, because our expert event professionals have a few tricks to minimize stress this holiday season. 

Keep the Kids Busy All Day Long

This is perhaps the most important tip we could ever give. If you have little ones in attendance, the last thing you need is to constantly entertain them. Your best bet is to set up distractions from the minute your family and friends begin to arrive. 

A bounce house, kid-friendly snacks and yard games are a great way to keep the kiddos out of your way. Convert your backyard into a kid’s oasis so the adults can mingle in the kitchen, living room and patio. 

Prep Certain Dishes Days in Advance

Smart home chefs will take this trick to their grave. Dishes like mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and pie can be made a day or two before. The fewer dishes you have to make on Thanksgiving Day, the less you’ll stress over every moving part. 

Some of the easiest food items to make in advance are appetizers and snacks. Build a charcuterie board, make a Caprese salad and set out bowls of saratoga chips. 

Ask Your Guests to Bring a Drink or Dessert

Many hosts like to have full control over the Thanksgiving meal. If this sounds like you, asking your guests to bring a beverage or dessert is the perfect compromise. Your meal will still come together exactly how you plan, but you no longer have to worry about alcohol or sweets.

A bottle of wine, liquor, mixers or festive desserts are all great ways for your family and friends to contribute. If you’re lucky, there may be a few bottles of wine left over after the evening is over!

Stay Stress-Free and Partner with the Celebration Party Rental Pros

Our team proudly adds fun elements to holiday parties in Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach and Orange Park. From top-quality inflatables to party staples, Celebration Party Rental is here to help bring your Thanksgiving full-circle. 

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