Crafting the Perfect Birthday Party Around a Carnival Theme

By |September 12th, 2014|

Throwing a kids birthday party can be quite an enjoyable experience.  Your son or daughter waits the entire year for it to be their big day.  A birthday is a day that a child really counts down to, looks forward to, and gets excited over.  This is why parents put so much weight in crafting the perfect birthday party for their little ones.  There are so many options out there in terms of themes for a birthday party.  One of the more tried and true themes that has proven time and time again to be a hit with kids is that of a carnival theme. […]

Mixing Water Activities into a Classic Labor Day Barbeque Event

By |August 24th, 2014|

There is little that can compare to a classic Labor Day barbeque event.  Throwing a Labor Day barbeque is a tradition for many families and groups of friends on an annual basis.  It is all about getting together, firing up the grill, and having a grand time enjoying the company of one another.  As with any party though, it is only as fun as the activities that are present.  You can only go so far with a group of people standing around a grill.  To kick thins up a notch, especially for the young ones and those who are young at heart, it may make sense to try and mix in some water activities to the festivities. […]

How to Incorporate Sports Activities into a Summer Birthday Party

By |July 7th, 2014|

Planning out a summer birthday party can be an absolute blast. You get to be very creative in terms of coming up with a theme, putting together invitations, and giving every little detail of the party the care and attention that it needs. One of the more popular themes for a summer birthday party revolves around sports. […]